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Mes Amies

Presenting my girls from another motha hahaha joke. I think you know these pretty ladies because I’ve two blog entries about them dati. Hihi. Kulang pala kami because the other girl wasn’t able to come to school. HI KESLEY THANKS SO MUCH FOR DITCHING US HAHAHAHA JOKE

We went to school today to attend an event and fix some problems regarding with our subjects. Fortunately, we finished really early so we were able to do this on a nice lighting. I personally love the accidental background hahaha dirty white brick-like wall plus a bench made of wood? :))

I know that this is the first time I’m gonna be posting again after eons (lagi naman diba? sorry na! kaloka!!). Seriously, I do hope I’ll be able to post everyday? Once in a week? Basta as much as I can since I’m about to graduate this May! Yey to me!!! ❤️

Anyway, this blog entry isnt about anything but my friends. Naks! Took us 4 years before we finally came together. Medyo late na, right? Well, I say, we have forever to spend pa kasi hahahaha but it saddens me to face the fact that we wont be seeing each other that often anymore but I’m glad because there’s social media to keep us in touch with each other errday even though most of the time bash bash lang sa comments or even sa chat. Hahaha. I have to admit that we’re all different from one another and I know that we’re still working out on each others’ shortcomings. What can I say, we’re all girls… and girls have more issues than Vogue! With all the tampo, inis, selos we had for each other, with all the super funny jokes we made and laughed our hearts out, with all the stories thats been shared, with all the secrets thats been told, with all the hates and loves we send to each other and with all the differences we have…. I’m more than glad to have spent my last school year with them. I couldn’t ask for more. I may be kidding but it’s true hahahahahahaha joke.

Antok na ako. Bye. Goodnight. XOXOOX

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy birthday to my beast friend, Queency!!!! Hahaha joke! I love you!!!!!! I want to say lots of things pero I’m blank right now haha I’ll probably be able to express myself through a letter :) It would kind of come late but I promise to seal it with a kiss and a gift :)

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