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Into The Deep Blue Seasters

Never mind the kakornihan of my blog title for tonight please. Let it go! Haaahhaha

To be honest, I felt so excited about this shoot because I realized that my sister and I have dresses that are almost the same color but it was just a coincidence. I bought mine months ago, while she bought hers last week. Both dresses are from Forever 21.

Basically, my sister requested this shoot for her birthday. She wants new picture daw before her birthday comes, so I did. I’m such a sweet sister, am I? Hahaha! Joke! Anyway, I’m really happy about our photos. I just shared my topmost favorites from the shoot. I’ll be uploading the rest on facebook. Hihi!

My dress looks formal so I paired it with an all-black sneakers and a denim polo. Very happy with the outcome! :) That’s all! Til next blog!! XOOXOXOX

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Artistic Soul with a Deranged Mind

It’s been a very long while since the last time I shared a lengthy and wordy post. I cant even remember when was that last time. Hahaha!

On to my blog title for this entry, I was in a bus when I suddenly thought of this, and I thought that it perfectly describe me as I am. Super pasok sa banga. Okay, wait. I’m just gonna say that this post is gonna be a bit dramatic since this is going to be about me and the struggle of being me.

So yeah, ever since I was still a kid, I knew then what I wanted to be. Or in what fields I’m really interested in. It was arts and fashion.

Yes, I was still a kid back then but whenever I dress myself up, I remember that I always think about the prints and the style of a piece I’m going to wear. When I reached grade 6, I suddenly wanted to be a fashion designer someday. It was a decision totally made out of nowhere. Painting interests me too but I was always disappointed how my works look so I didnt really pay much attention to it.

When I reached high school, I begun to get hooked with Adobe Photoshop and HTML. I learned the basics by my self, and aimed to learn more advance editing skills by watching tutorials in youtube. I was so hooked back then that I joined a multimedia club. When I was in my last year in high school, I began to like photography. I was using my family’s Sony Cyber-shot T70 back then. Good thing I was able to upload my photos from that camera to my facebook. Haha!

On my emancipation day, I asked for a DSLR camera. To be honest, I chose a dslr camera over a debut party. Hahaha! But dont worry, I still had a great and memorable day on my 18th birthday. ♥ I didn’t regret choosing Caphoe (my camera) even for a second. I was really happy to have it.

Entering college, I still wanted to be a fashion designer but I dont know what school that has a course in fashion design. I thought it would cost much because I was aware of my family’s problem back then so I chose to take a different course but within the same field. I only took exams at UP and PUP. I passed PUP so I went there. My first choice was interior design, followed by advertising and public relations.

My exam grade didnt pass what was required for Interior Design. Obviously, I landed to Advertising and Public Relations.

Everything I was interested in back in high school was there, in my course. I learned more in photography, how to draw, my coursemates were fashionable and artsy. Some even inspired me to do more of the things I liked doing.

But the sad thing is… I’m not great at anything. A master of nothing.

I know for a fact that practice makes perfect. And there’s a reason why my title includes DERANGED MIND in it. It’s saddens me to be able to do a lot, to have a thing for so many things but I cannot focus on one thing. It’s like I wanna learn in photography but I want to learn more about fashion too. I mean, it’s crazy to study two different things at the same time, right?

I believe I can sing and I can dance. I even wanted to enter John Robert Powers back then. I remembered I even wanted to be a swimmer and a ballet dancer back then. My mom would say she’d enroll me to special classes but hindi natutuloy because there was no one to fetch me, to and fro, and she was busy at work to find classes that are just nearby. Sana kaya ko nalang mag google that time for myself hahahahaha jk!

On another note, I’m actually an entrepreneur too. A business-minded lass 24 hours, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, I spend more than I earn. Hahaha!!! But seriously though, one golden rule of an entreprenuer is to spend less than you can earn.

All these skills and talents, I wish I had them honed since. But anyway, I cant sulk on that matter now. We always move forward, improve ourselves, and be a better person.

I cannot share my plans yet but my topmost important plan is still to get a job. Haahahaha!

To end my post, I wanted to say that grab every and any opportunity that would come your way to hone your skills and talents while you’re still young. ♥♥

That’s it! Til next blog!!! XOXXXO

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Life in Square Photos (August)

Since I failed to update every month last year up to now, I’m gonna start this one again (to post instagram photos with stories) with a new title and hopefully, I’ll be able to update every month (or maybe as long as I dont have work yet haha).

It’s a good thing my instagram photos are automatically saved to my phone’s gallery so I did not have a hard time getting and processing my photos. :) So anyway, since I’ve already posted a lot for this month, photos below are my favorites. image Went out for lunch with my mom and lil sister yesterday. Asked my mom again to take photos of my outfit before going inside the mall. I must say that my mom’s really patient and understanding on this hahahaha! Nothing much had happened yesterday, we just ate, mom paid the bills, went grocery shopping and head home.

image This was Sunday morning, last week. My mom took my photo. I told her to only include the white wall and not the Starbucks logo but wow, it went great! She was like, “Inaayos ko pa kasi yung framing e” hahahhaha! In fairness to my mom, she’s willing to take my photos that day. Hart hart for my mama! ❤️

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