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Life in Square Photos (August)

Since I failed to update every month last year up to now, I’m gonna start this one again (to post instagram photos with stories) with a new title and hopefully, I’ll be able to update every month (or maybe as long as I dont have work yet haha).

It’s a good thing my instagram photos are automatically saved to my phone’s gallery so I did not have a hard time getting and processing my photos. :) So anyway, since I’ve already posted a lot for this month, photos below are my favorites. Went out for lunch with my mom and lil sister yesterday. Asked my mom again to take photos of my outfit before going inside the mall. I must say that my mom’s really patient and understanding on this hahahaha! Nothing much had happened yesterday, we just ate, mom paid the bills, went grocery shopping and head home.

This was Sunday morning, last week. My mom took my photo. I told her to only include the white wall and not the Starbucks logo but wow, it went great! She was like, “Inaayos ko pa kasi yung framing e” hahahhaha! In fairness to my mom, she’s willing to take my photos that day. Hart hart for my mama! ❤️
Took this one at Acacia Estates, last week I think, while waiting for my friends to arrive and while Remington and John were busy grilling our food for that day. I only wore basics (outfit post below) and I brought my Caphoe (camera) along because it’s been a while since the last time we’ve come to see each other. I’m actually very thankful for the batch I’ve belonged to. Kanya-kanya trip but we get along so well despite of each other’s differences and annoying faces hahahaha!!
Had a date with Queency last week. We did the usuals. We talk, laugh, window-shop til we find something we couldnt resist not to buy and regret afterwards hahaha and yes, coffee.

Queency took this one too on the same day, after we had our coffee. Oh you know what this is. I honestly need a ton of new clothes. I’m beginning to like clothes that are more lady-like and a bit formal-looking and my closet is more on the kinds of what a college girl would probably wear to school or going out. Hahahahaha! Oh well self, wait til you get a job!

Went out with Ton, bought me a green tea latte and told the cashier that his name was John Lloyd. Hahahaha! While waiting for our drink, we were crazily laughing while we thought of other names to give next time we ordered and I think the “ate” in front of us thought we’re weirdos. Hahahah!!!

I’ve been wanting a pair of Birkenstock ever since I saw one blogger wearing it and I found out that Birks are 2k+ cheaper in UAE than here. So I asked my ate who works there if she can buy me and we’ll pay after, she happily agreed. I was in Batangas when she sent me photos of Birkenstocks on sale, when I’ve finally made my pick, she told me that she’ll give it to me as a gift instead. I was beyond happy and grateful that night!!!!!!!! I cant wait for them to arrive :)

I arrived an hour earlier for my interview that day because my papa drove me to Ayala first before he drove mama to work. I had no choice but to stay somewhere and have something. I tried Starbucks’ green tea latte and I really liked it… a lot.

Went out alone and after I did my errand, I bought a pizza and looked for a perfect spot to chill at BHS.

That’s it! Happy September 1st tomorrow hahahaha! I hope to update again at the end of the month *fingers-crossed* Til next blog!!!! XOOOXXXO
Monday, August 25, 2014


I decided to post this basic outfit I wore last Saturday on a date with my friends at Acacia Estates. I dont feel good about posting this one at first because I think I look fat here. Oh well, I guess thats one of the downsides of being unemployed for months. Hahahhaa!! I admit that I’ve been going out and eating a lot lately so yeah. I’m actually more conscious of my tummy because I’m not used to having it looking so busog all the time, even when I’m famished. Not bragging but it’s flat before all the “lamon”.

Basics are on trend now. I must admit that with the right pieces all put together you will look fashionable even when you want to look simple. Personally, I like to spice up basic outfits with accessories that are stylish, like the one I’m wearing in the photo. :)

That’s all for now! XOOXXXO

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
We just chill til the sun rises…

We just chill til the sun rises…

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